NECA Outline


FoundationMay, 1964
PurposeThe aim of NECA is to contribute to the growth of national economy by creating new customer-oriented demands in the field of electric control equipment industries, through proposals and promotion activities to member companies and consumers.
NECA also actively assists its member companies in the global market by mediating exchanges with associations and companies throughout the world.



Main Products

Relays use electrical signals to open or close contacts, and consist of electric coils and contacts.
Variations include solid-state non-con- tact relays and relays incorporating timers and counters that provide measurement functionalities.
Digital home appliances, office automation equipment, automobiles, domestic appliances, industrial robots, machine tools, medical equipment, control panels.
Switches allow users to directly power on and off system and equipment by hand, finger or foot by opening and closing the contacts to toggle electrical signals. These switches act as an interface between human and machine, allowing the user to take control such as starting up an operation.
Industrial equipment and system such as machine tool and control panel, office and domestic equipment and system such as home appliances, office automation equipment and medical equipment.
Sensors that toggle electrical signals or generate an output, by physical contact or non-physical contact based on changes in light or magnetism to detect the presence of an object, its location, color, temperature, or rotational angle.
Machine tools, food processing and packaging equipment, industrial robots, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, transport machinery, parking system, car manufacturing facilities.
PLC/FA System Equipment
Programmable logic controllers, programmable display equipment, and FA (Factory Automation) system equipment such as ID systems, image processing systems, and temperature control devices that perform control and monitoring functions based on pre-programmed settings.
Food processing and packaging equipment, semiconductor and FPD (flat-panel display) manufacturing equipment, injection molding equipment, transport machinery, car manufacturing facilities.
Other Control Equipment
Equipment for transmitting electrical signals such as connectors and terminal, display and monitoring equipment such as revolving beacon and panel meters, and other control equipment such as power supply and solenoids for control functions.
Components for a wide range of systems and machines that run on electricity, spanning from industrial machinery and systems to office and domestic equipment and systems.
Safety Control Equipment
Emergency stop device, safety light curtains, safety relay, safety PLC, are control devices and I/O devices that conform to safety standards, designed for use in control circuits that ensure compliance with safety regulations for equipment and facilities.
Protective measures equipped to machine such as emergency stop, guard interlock- ing, sensing protective equipment and safety control devices.





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