NECA Nippon Electric Control Equipment Industries Association

committee outline

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee proposes and carries out strategic plannings to expand future NECA business domains and value-added services, such as NECA future directions, business domains with growth potential, and new business prospects. NECAʼs “Future Vision” and “5ZERO Manufacturing” are concepts put forward by the planning committee.

General Affairs Committee

The General Affairs Committee supports the NECAʼs operation related to compliance and systems. The committee aims to take on a more robust and active structure, by engaging in the establishment and revision of various regulations and system, and enhancing compliance and employee welfare. The general affairs committee is also leading promotion of "work style reforms"

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee aims to maximize the value of information; providing NECA committees activities and beneficial information member companies via website and seiden magazine. The committee also conducts major NECA events such as the general meetings and new year celebration meeting, and carries out publicity works to the media with press releases and so on .

Business Affairs Committee

The Business Affairs Committee compiles and analyzes statistical data on shipment and orders for electric control equipment, forecasts demands, and acquires information on market trends and economic situation and so on. The committee also conducts survey and analysis on market trends, explores new and promising markets, investigates in main industrial trends, surveys potential markets, and explores new markets.

Trading Company Committee

The Trading Company Committee makes survey on market trends and goods circulation, conducts customer satisfaction survey and research on ways to stimulate demands and improve logistics. Activities with broad coverage including goods circulation and logistics, are unique to NECA.

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee conducts survey on standardization trends, revises and establishes IEC standards, Japanese Industrial Standards and NECA standards, and other activities. The committee also conducts survey and provides information on the latest technology for control equipment. And prepare guidelines for management in corporate activities, such as countermeasures against counterfeit products and efforts to secure control system security.

Environmental Issues Committee

The Environmental Issues Committee aims to get member companies to participate in CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities. The committee disseminates useful information beneficial for activities in global warming countermeasures of member companies, preventing pollution by chemicals control used in product, and usage of sustainable resources. This includes activities such as 1) conducting surveys on latest regulations and standards and so on in Japan and overseas countries, and disseminating the findings as environmental reports and notifications to member companies, and 2) publishing guidebooks based on research findings on environmentalfriendly designs and so on.

Control Safety Committee

Control Safety Committee conducts research in international safety standards and carry out activities to promote international standardization. The committee also collaborates with domestic and overseas organizations, to work on the safety awareness and to stimulate market growth for safety controls equipment. In addition, the committee fosters the training of safety experts to advocate safe manufacturing practices, by developing the Safety Assessor Qualification System and Safety Basics Assessor Qualification System both in Japan and overseas countries.

Explosion-proof Committee

The Explosion-proof Devices Committee aims to assist the active development of NECA, related industries and member companies through acquiring and providing market information, and highlighting and advocating explosion-proof safety, such as encouraging checkups and maintenance of explosion-proof electrical devices, conducting research and making recommendations for standardization of regulations governing explosion-proof electrical devices.

Monozukuri-Kotozukuri Committee

NECA advocates “5ZERO Manufacturing” as the ultimate manufacturing. Riding on the Industry 4.0 wave, Monozukuri-Kotozukuri Committee is drawing out the road map for the future of manufacturing that makes use of control equipment and IoT. The committee is also looking into ways for control equipment makers to make the transition from smart manufacturing to providing value-added services.