NECA Nippon Electric Control Equipment Industries Association

committee outline

Publicity and Business Promotion Committee

To maximize the value of the information NECA provides, this committee utilizes the NECA website and Seiden magazine to provide updates on the activities of the NECA committees and disseminate information that member companies will find useful in their business activities. The committee oversees major NECA events such as the General Assembly and the New Year Meeting, and provides the media with regular press releases.

Business Affairs Committee

In addition to compiling and analyzing statistical information on industry-specific interests such as the ordering and shipping of electric control equipment,this committee also forecasts demand and collects information on market trends and economic conditions. The committee also conducts various market trends surveys and analyses, researches promising markets, surveys potential markets, and pursuits new markets via the relevant expert committees.

Trading Company Committee

This committee conducts surveys and research on topics such as market and distribution trends, customer satisfaction, increasing demand, and improving distribution. The committee’s comprehensive activities focusing on distribution and logistics are unique to NECA.


This committee examines standardization trends and works to establish and improve new Japanese and international industrial standards.
It disseminates information on the latest control equipment technology and on standards, intellectual property rights, and certification bodies essential for overseas business activities.
The committee is also engaged in activities to reduce CO2 emissions and ensure control system security.

Environmental Issues Committee

This committee conducts surveys and research related to domestic and overseas laws and regulations that are related to the environment. The committee is particularly focused on mitigation of climate change, compliance with environmental regulations, and the promotion of eco-friendly designs. The committee also disseminates environment-related information through seminars and other activities.

Safety Controls Committee

In addition to conducting research on international safety standards and carrying out activities to promote international standardization, this committee fosters the safety control equipment market.
To promote safe manufacturing practices and further the training of safety experts both in Japan and overseas, the committee has also developed a Safety Assessor Qualification and Safety Basics Assessor Qualification.

Explosion-proof Devices Committee

This committee conducts research, makes recommendations, and creates standards for regulations governing explosion-proof electrical devices. The committee promotes education and awareness activities regarding the inspection, maintenance, and safety of explosionproof electrical devices.
The committee also collects and distributes market information.