NECA Nippon Electric Control Equipment Industries Association

busuness outline

Proposing and furthering industrial promotion policies

We are working on demand creation activities for the electric control equipment industry and proposal activities for promoting the accelerated growth of our industry. Characterizing the coming age as "The age of Seiden" and summarizing the NECA activities future vision in FY2011, we are making efforts to provide new proposals and advice to member and non-member companies. In so doing, we are currently researching the creation of new demand base from a client perspective.

Cooperation with government offices and related associations

In cooperation with related government offices and other industrial associations, we provide proposals and advice on key industrial issues, such as energy conservation, the environment and safety. More specifically, we have singled out machine safety-related control equipment as a new field of demand creation, and are working on standards planning and demand creation activities.

Promoting the Information and Communication technologies

We support and develop information technologies of member companies in adapting to the digital information revolution. We are also cooperating with related industrial associations in the promotion of a standard terminology manual for control equipment.

Promoting globalization

To meet the ever-expanding need for global business activities of member companies, we are fostering relations with foreign organizations and companies in order to support the globalization of our member companies. Our efforts toward this end include holding international seminars, dispatching foreign research groups, and offering membership-related follow-up advice and PR activities to foreign companies.

Promoting industrial standardization and technical investigation research activities.

We support the advancement of electric control technology through proposing new international standards (IEC, ISO), the drafting of JIS and NECA standards, and the development of relations with related domestic and overseas organizations via technical investigations and research. We are also working on standardization for safety-related electric control equipment technology as a priority area, and are working towards the standardization of machine safety and established new machine safety qualification systems (SA, SBA).

Investigative and statistical activities

We make shipment statistics of all electric control equipment-related products, and provide our member companies with product-specific statistical data for domestic and export shipments. We also advise members about possible future trends and emerging issues by conducting short-term, and middle/long-term demand projections and market survey analysis activities. Furthermore, we are working on the creation of a new framework that meets the needs of business activities in an increasingly global environment, including the need to fully grasp overseas production output data.

Promoting events, advertising and publishing

To cater to the needs of member and non-member companies, we conduct advisory and PR activities, including creative seminars, international seminars, economic forecast management seminars and tours of state-of-the-art facilities. We hold our exhibitions in the System Control Fair (SCF) jointly with JEMA (the Japan Electorical Manufacturers' Association). Also, we make positive effort to announce latest information, such as our proceedings [ SEIDEN ] and [ NECA ] home page