NECA Nippon Electric Control Equipment Industries Association

busuness outline

Towards “Future Vision 2025”

The manufacturing field has been dramatically changing with the advent of Industry 4.0, IoT, robotics, AI, VR and so on. In the circumstances, we think again which way NECA should go and what measures NECA should take. The keyword is “Re-birth of Japanese Manufacturing.”
Towards the realization of this concept, NECA formulated the “Future Vision of Manufacturing,” and engages to transform the current “3S” activities to the next level.

Manufacturing for the future proposed by NECA

In order for Japanese manufacturing to be revived and lead the world once again by the year 2030, NECA proposes“5ZERO Manufacturing” as the solution.
The 5ZERO can be realized in Q, C, D, S, and facility maintenance, by utilizing innovative technologies including IoT, big data AI and cooperative robots with the “PDCA” cycle method. The expertise on Japanese craftsmanship should be also considered.

  • Q (Quality) : Zero defect
  • C (Cost) : Zero production loss
  • D (Due date) : Zero late delivery
  • S (Safety/Security) : Zero accident
  • Facility maintenance : Zero downtime

NECA promotes the best way of Japanese Monozukuri with electric control equipment and new services such as 5ZERO Manufacturing.

The Advancement of “3S”

NECA aims to stimulate growth and expansion in the electric control equipment fields through the “5ZERO Manufacturing.The most important policies in those activities are the “3S.”

  • Standardization
  • Safety
  • Sustainable Society

NECA will evolve the 3S policies and promote 5ZERO
Manufacturing with expanding value-added services and enlarging the business domains including manufacturing process modeling, cooperative safety, security promotion and energy management optimization.

Priority Policies

The introduction of the NECA 3S activities and their advancement,towards the realization of “Future Vision 2025.


To promote global standardization for industrial growth, NECA is reviewing the definitions and architecture pertaining to electric control equipment. Establishment, revision and compliance of these standards are made through investigation and research into international standards such as ISO and IEC. In order to do so,NECA engages in both domestic and overseas activities such as the management of the following IEC national committees and participation in international forum.

  • IEC/TC94:All-or-nothing electrical relays
  • IEC/SC23J:Switches for appliances

In addition, NECA also establishes industrial standards such as the NECA standards and technical reports (TR), and makes draft for Japanese Industrial Standard

Safety and Security

Implementation of new production system involving human and robot cooperation is increasing with the technology development and Industry 4.0.
NECA will contribute to the development of next generation safety systems, which achieves both high level safety and high productivity, and adapts to the “Safty 2.0”, by connecting people, things and environment collaboratively.
NECA will also promote Safety Assessor/Safety Basics Assessor Qualification System (SA qualification system) to the global level and contribute to the international standardization. Through those activities, NECA will contribute to the expansion of safety control equipment market, strength of the safety human resources, and the safety of manufacturing worldwide.

In recent years, amidst the trend of IoT, an increase in the number of cyber-attacks is seen targeted at control system.
As such, our activities are geared towards standardization, information gathering and raising awareness towards ensuring security for control system.

Sustainable Society

NECA has identified “global warming countermeasures,” “harmful chemicals control countermeasures (prevention of pollution)” and “sustainable resource use” as the key environmental issues to tackle,as part of the activities of member companies in CSR (corporate social responsibility).

  1. As global warming countermeasures, gather application examples and craft proposals for energy optimization, by making use of the information gathered from control device equipped with IoT functions
  2. As harmful chemicals control countermeasures, conduct research on environmental-related regulations in Japan and overseas, and disseminate the findings to member companies.
  3. As sustainable resource use, disseminate, develop and revise guidelines documenting environmental-friendly design methodologies.


As the market surrounding product manufacturing undergoes dramatic and rapid changes, the underlying electric control equipment also progresses to a new level of advancement.
Activities to promote the realization of “5ZERO Manufacturing” serve to enable the product smart manufacturing of NECA member companies to register higher profits.
This is achieved by implementing IoT in control equipment, enabling sensing equipment to gather data with an order of magnitude higher, and smart control equipment that not only perform control operations but also function as an information processing terminal. In addition, repeatedly reviewing “Monozukuri-Kotozukuri” from the perspective of an industrial association, NECA makes proposals and concretes plans for “value-added services” as a new service in which electric control equipment manufacturers create profits with their customers by gaining accessibility to resources from other companies and research institutions and so on.