NECA Nippon Electric Control Equipment Industries Association

Event & Publication

Statistics / Analysis

NECA conducts original statistical analysis on data obtained mainly from member companies. These statistical data on electric control equipment are the only data available in Japan and are used by member companies. Besides providing statistics such as domestic and export shipments/orders,“Out to Out / Out In”shipments, and shipments on each industrial field, statistics data breakdown were increased to 99 items since 2012 to meet market needs. In addition, we are also working on improving the services of our members, such as improving the accuracy of demand forecasts and establishing analytical methods.


NECA proposes the draft of IEC standards and Japanese Industrial Standards, and makes NECA standards as industrial standard.

IEC/JIS standards under development(As of July, 2019)

●IEC 61810-4
Electromechanical elementary relays‒ Part 4: Reed relays
●IEC 62134
Solid-state relays
●IEC 61812-1
Time relays for industrial and residential use
●JIS C 8201-7-4
PCB terminal blocks for copper conductors
●JIS C 61810-1
Electromechanical elementary relays
●JIS C 4526-1series
Switches for appliances


●Domestic and overseas development of SA/SBA system (Overseas: China, Taiwan, South Korea,Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia)


NECA publishes the latest information such as technology trends and member company product details, regulations and independent shipment statistics in a timely fashion, and besides, NECA sets up a “product search website for manufacturing industries” to introduce product information of member companies.


  • ●Published NECA TR-U25, the 2nd edition of the environmental assessment guidebook for electric control equipment.
  • ●Publish electric safety guidebooks
  • ●Publish and revise safety guidebooks (7countries)
  • ●Publish explosion-proof safety guidebooks
  • ●Publish seiden magazines 4 times a year, and provide details such as on various industries and events, and the committee activities. (Members companies only)


NECA holds various seminars such as environment seminars and management seminars in a timely fashion.


NECA promotes information through co-organizing the IIFES, an exhibition
displaying the latest manufacturing technology in Japan.
NECA participates in exhibits with member company to showcase technology in line with current market trend.

International Conference

NECA attends the international conferences at TC 94, SC 23 J of IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) as the representatives of Japan to and proposes and discusses international standards.
In addition, present research findings regarding various safety technologies at the SIAS (Safety of Industrial Automated Systems) international conference.


  • ●Investigate variations in CO2 emission amount for member companies.
  • ●Identify and share application examples of NECA products effective in reducing CO2 emission amount.
  • ●Customer satisfaction survey
    NECA Trading Company Committee has conducted Customer Satisfaction Survey every year.